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Additional buses running

Two additional buses now run on Mondays to Fridays at 1745 hours from Downswood to Maidstone and at 1811 hours from Maidstone Bus Station to Downswood.

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  • Public Participation at Parish Council Meetings

    10th December 2023

    Guidance has been added to the website which is provided by the Kent Association of Local Councils and applies to all Parish Councils. https://www.downswoodpc.org/sp... ...

  • Temporary Footpath Closure - Mon 11 to Fri 15 Dec

    8th December 2023

    Advance notice – Foxden Drive Park.  To allow electrical connections to be installed by UKPN, it will be necessary to close the footpath at the top of the steps by The Beams to the Public Right of Way. The path is expected to be closed from Monday 11 Dec to Friday 15 Dec. ...

  • Media Policy

    6th December 2023

    The DPC Media Policy has been updated. You can find the policy on the link below: Link to Policy page ...

  • Willington Street Closure 29.01.24

    27th November 2023


  • Foxden Drive - Lighting Plans

    9th November 2023

    The following update has been provided by Maidstone Borough Council Six new columns will be installed at Foxden Drive Park (shown as red dots on the diagram below) and three old columns will remain and be refurbed (currently not working).  MBC are trying to arrange for...

  • Christmas Carols and Lights 02.12.23 4 pm

    9th November 2023


  • Public Right of Way - The Glebe

    9th November 2023

    The Glebe, Otham. The landowner has recently applied to move the TPO trees in the Glebe field, possibly to make space for future road access and housing, as they have previously proposed developing the land. It is vital that we retain its designation as Local Green Space when the Neighbourhood...

  • Use of Public Space CCTV

    7th November 2023

    The latest news and updates on the use of Public Space CCTV Parish Council ...

  • ASB - Mallards Way Park

    26th October 2023

    Good work is being undertaken by PCSO Kirsty Greaves (Maid Community Safety Unit) & PC Mitch Hunt and his team! https://www.kent.police.uk/news/kent/latest/policing-news/pcso-launches-fishing-event-to-reduce-nuisance-behaviour-in-maidstone/ This helps to highlight that if it’s reported,...

  • Update - Foxden Drive Ramp, Steps and Lighting

    5th October 2023

    Update received 23.10.23 Confirmation has been received from Bellway Homes that the new ramp is now tarmacked and the anti-slip coating will be applied this week. However, a delay in the reopening of the footpath is expected as 5 street columns have been added to the scheme. These are...

  • Maidstone Local Plan Review - Main Modifications Consultation

    29th September 2023

    Maidstone Local Plan Review – Main Modifications Consultation following Examination. The Local Plan Review will provide the planning framework for development in the borough until 2038. The polices within the plan will be used to assess planning applications and guide future development in...

  • Mallards Way/Spot Lane Closure

    25th September 2023

    Information received from Kent Highways To enable large patching/pot hole repairs to be carried out, Mallards Way/Spot Lane will be closed from 23 to 27 October, during working hours. Residents will be allowed access during the course of the work. The centre white lining of Deringwood...

  • Notes - Bellway Homes Meeting 12.09.23

    14th September 2023

    Notes - Bellway Homes Meeting 12.09.23 ...

  • Electoral arrangements: Bearsted and Downswood

    24th August 2023

    Residents may recall that the Borough’s proposal to change the parish electoral arrangements was discussed by Downswood Parish Council last year. Two Parish Councillors attended a workshop that had been organised by MBC and a link to the proposal was shared on the parish website. Whilst...

  • Litter Bins - Mallards Way Park

    23rd August 2023

    New Litter Bins – Mallards Park. Following concerns that were expressed regarding the new litter bins at Mallards Park.                                               ...

  • Temporary Footway Closure - Pedestrianised Old Spot Lane

    23rd August 2023

    UK Power Networks works. KENT COUNTY COUNCIL Spot Lane, Downswood (PROHIBITION OF PEDESTRIANS) THE ROAD TRAFFIC REGULATION ACT 1984 TEMPORARY ORDER OCTOBER 2023 UK Power Networks works. To allow network upgrading works to be carried out, Kent County Council has made an Order to...

  • Mallards Way Litter Bin Update

    15th August 2023

    DPC has contacted MBC to enquire about the new litter bins at Mallards Park (no consultation took place prior to the bins being installed). DPC pointed out that the new locations are not considered suitable and that operatives will most likely have to spend time picking up and clearing away the...

  • Annual Policing Survey

    8th August 2023

    Annual Policing Survey 2023 (smartsurvey.co.uk) ...

  • Maidstone's Eco Hub

    4th August 2023

    Come and visit Maidstone’s Eco Hub Maidstone’s Eco Hub is now open and can be visited for advice and information about becoming more sustainable. It will be available at The Mall shopping centre, Maidstone, until Friday 8 September. Following the success of a similar centre which...

  • SE Water - Main Replacement, Upper St, Leeds

    20th July 2023

    Please see the attached letter from SE Water - it may help to answer queries relating to traffic related issues in the parish during the Leeds village road closure. upper_street__leeds_update796.pdf ...

  • Olympicnic 2023 Photos

    18th July 2023

    Olympicnic 2023 | Downswood Parish Council (downswoodpc.org) ...

  • Garden Competition Results 2023

    18th July 2023

    This year’s DPC Garden Competition was judged by Mr Dan Stevens – Snr Plant Manager of Millbrook Garden Centre, Staplehurst. We are pleased to announce the winning gardens as follows: 1st PRIZE: 27 Reinden Grove ‘A really lovely garden with a great range of mature shrubs and...

  • Report all criminal activity to the Police

    17th July 2023

    Following recent and all future incidents in the parish. PC Mitch Hunt would like to encourage all of those who have been involved to report incidents via 101, or the online reporting system on the Kent Police website and to mention 'PC 15334 Hunt'. Report a crime | Kent Police ...

  • SE Water Main Replacement, Upper St, Leeds

    11th July 2023

    A Message from South East Water We would like to thank everyone for their concern and input regarding the South East Water infrastructure project in Upper Street, Leeds. South East Water was pleased to have been able to complete the majority of phase one in private land to prevent prolonged...

  • My Community Voice

    3rd July 2023

    https://www.mycommunityvoicekent.co.uk/ My Community Voice is a messaging service that helps Kent and Medway residents, businesses, and community groups to keep in touch with their local policing teams. The service sends updates about your local area directly from the police officers themselves. ...

  • Temp Rd Closure - Otham Lane, Bearsted From 24.07.23

    27th June 2023


  • SE Water Public Meeting

    23rd June 2023

    South East Water, Rocfort Road, Snodland, Kent, ME6 5AH Following our public drop-in session on 17 May where we heard from many members of the community. Following that session we have been speaking with Kent Highways to address the issues raised, primarily concern about the road closure and...

  • Parsonage Place - Piling Update

    14th June 2023

    Update from Bellway Homes. The piling rig will return to Parsonage Place tomorrow (Thursday 15 June).  Depending on the time of arrival, piling might start the same day. We have been assured that a shroud will be fitted, which should help with the noise.  It's currently...

  • Rooftop Solar Revolution

    1st June 2023

    Donate Have you heard about our ...

  • Foxden Drive Play Area & Field - Update re Planned Works

    31st May 2023

    Foxden Drive Play Area & field– Briefing Note 31/5/2023 Andrew Williams, Parks & Open Spaces Manager Forthcoming works relating to Bellways Development: Sewer Connection: The Bellway development on Church Road has the right to connect to the 6” sewer running under the field at Foxden...

  • Mayor of Maidstone - Downswood's Cllr Gordon Newton

    23rd May 2023

    Congratulations to Downswood's Councillor Gordon Newton and Mrs Carol Newton who became Mayor & Mayoress of Maidstone last Saturday, 20th May. ...

  • Notes - Bellway Homes Meeting 17.05.23

    18th May 2023

    Notes - Bellway Homes Meeting 17.05.23 ...

  • Ramp - Foxden Drive Park

    15th May 2023

    Bellway Homes has provided an update regarding work on the ramp at Foxden Drive Park. The work was originally intended to be carried out in February but this was delayed by MBC. Having checked the trees that are due to be removed, the ecologist has found nesting birds in one of...

  • Foxden Drive Play Area/Ramp

    11th May 2023

    The following update was received from Bellway Homes this morning: 'We will be fencing of the ramp area to Foxdown Park to allow us to start building the new cycle ramp today, and tomorrow we will be removing trees that have been agreed that need to be removed to accommodate this work, there...

  • Report Anti Social Behaviour on British Rail

    11th April 2023

    How to report anti-social behaviour on our rail networks. Traveling without paying, anti-social behaviour and other risk taking behaviour is becoming an increasing concern for us all on our rail networks. It also leads to increases in these behaviours in areas where young people meet, but...

  • Mallards Park

    6th April 2023

    Mallards Park MBC informed the Parish Council some months ago that work is due to be carried out at Mallards Park. Having chased this up, DPC can advise that a project budget is now available to MBC and they will start drawing up a specification with the following aims for the lake and...

  • Deringwood Drive/Willington St Traffic Lights Update

    5th April 2023

    DPC has been advised that due to the ‘dip’ in Willington Street at the junction with Deringwood Drive, KCC Highways have decided that it would be unsafe to put any form of traffic signals in this location. This meets the requirements from the Planning Inspector of ‘appropriate junction...

  • Kent Bus Service Changes Bulletin - March, April, ,May and June 2023

    4th April 2023

    Bus services in the UK operate in a de-regulated (privatised) environment outside of the control of KCC who do not license or contract operators or their services. Bus operators are able to change or cancel or any service by giving 70 days’ notice to the Department for Transport. Operators...

  • Notes from meeting with Bellway Homes 18.01.23

    9th February 2023

    Notes from meeting Bellway Homes 18.01.23 Note re pile driving.  DPC was subsequently advised that the pile driving has been delayed as is now due to start week commencing 13.02.23 ...

  • No 4 Bus Timetable (19.02.23)

    30th January 2023

    The revised Number 4 bus timetable commencing 19.02.23 is below: https://api.arrivabus.co.uk/ro... ...

  • Temporary Footpath Closure

    27th January 2023

    Notice of the intention to make an Order to temporarily close Public Footpath KM86 in the Parishes of Otham and Downswood(Public Footpath KM86) Kent County Council intends to make an Order the effect of which is to temporarily close Public Footpath KM86 between Church Road and...

  • Closure of Church Road

    4th January 2023

    Notice of Road Closure.  Important update: Due to the short notice received, the closure of Church Road will be delayed by one week. This will now commence on 16 January 2023, with a completion date of 7 February 2023. The Parish Council was informed today that Church Road will be...

  • Local Government Boundary Commission

    30th November 2022

    The final recommendations for future electoral arrangements for Maidstone Borough Council have been published. The Boundary Commission are proposing that Maidstone Borough Council should have 49 councillors. Those councillors should represent three single-councillor wards, 11...

  • MBC Waste Collection Services - Christmas & New Year

    28th November 2022

    Maidstone Borough Council, Waste Services has advised that there will be collection round changes affecting all properties over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Bulky collections are suspended after 23 December, to restart from Tuesday 10 January. Garden waste...

  • Notes from Bellway Homes Meeting 16.09.22

    23rd September 2022

    Bellway Homes Meeting 16.09.22 ...

  • Trees - St Nicholas Church

    26th August 2022

    Further to the concerns regarding the removal of 'ancient hedgerow' in front of St. Nicholas Church Having spoken to BH and a representative from the Church (awaiting a call back from KCC), we can confirm that the trees were the property of KCC. There was no ancient hedgerow, only shrubs that...

  • Notes re meeting Bellway Homes 03.08.22

    4th August 2022

    notes_re_meeting_with_bellway_homes_02_08_22255.pdf ...

  • Wild Flowers

    3rd August 2022

    An update on the very successful wild flowers on Deringwood Drive. Two volunteers from DPC (one councillor and a councillor’s husband) will shortly be cutting back the dead flowers, which finished and dropped their seeds early due to the hot, dry spell. Following professional advice, the...

  • Access During Road Works

    28th July 2022

    The parish council has approached Streetworks and Bellway Homes to ask about through traffic access during the current road works. The response we have received from BH is :'The official answer is it is closed, and no traffic is supposed to be using it, Walkers are trying to be nice and...

  • Downswood Diggers Update

    26th July 2022

    Congratulations and thanks go to the Downswood Diggers who completely transformed the footpath between the Orchard Spot roundabout and the SSSI. Impassable, vegetation has been cleared - the route is now passable. It was slightly disappointing that more residents could not accept the...

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