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Most events in Downswood happen at the Community Centre, but this is certainly not always the case and things often go on slightly further afield.

Downswood Community Centre - Please contact the booking secretary - 0771 563 2684

If you have something of interest to the community, please let us know.

St Nicholas’ Church

For general enquiries email:   revpavey@gmail.com

or leave a voicemail for Tracey, the administrator on: 07516 159879

For hiring Otham church please email hireothamchurch@gmail.com

The church would also like to recruit new bell ringers - if you would like to learn this fascinating skill and keep this centuries-old tradition alive, please let the Church know.

A member of the Parish Council has been in touch with Otham Church to ask about access to their new car park.

The PCC secretary - Rhian Banham -  provided the helpful information below.

I understand people's concern but the conditions of its closure were all part of the covenants placed during the planning and transfer of land deed by the developers.

It is not necessarily an ideal situation but no doubt included to ensure that the car park does not cause unnecessary inconvenience to local residents.

The church is eager to assist those who want to visit the church or the graveyard and though not ideal, we will endeavour to accommodate any requests to use the carpark with prior notice.

Please feel free to give my contact details to whoever wishes access, and I will pass on any such requests to local key holders to arrange access. rhianbanham@gmail.com

Please see conditions below.

I hope this explains the situation we find ourselves in. I suppose these restrictions were put in place to safeguard immediate residents from unsocial activity commonly associated to rural carparks.

  1. Not to use or permit or suffer to be used the Property for any illegal or immoral purposed or for any noisy activities.
  2. Not to use the Property otherwise than as a car park for visitors and parishioners attending the Church together with ancillary uses beneficial to the Church in perpetuity and for no other purpose.
  3. Not to use the Property so as to create legal nuisance to adjoining owners and occupiers.
  4. Not to allow the Property to be left unsecured and not to allow any unauthorised access.
  5. Not to allow the Property to fall into disrepair and not to allow the Property to become untidy or unkempt.
  6. Not to make any Disposal of the whole or and part of the Property without first procuring that the disponee enters into a Deed of Covenant with, and supplies the same to, the owner or owners from time to time of the Retained Land or any part of it.
  7. Not to dispose of the Property without simultaneously disposing of the Church to the same disponee.

Madginford WI

The WI offers women the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and campaign on wide-ranging issues. Visitors always welcome. -meetings are held at 7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. on the second Thursday in each month (apart from August) at Madginford Hall, Egremont Road, Bearsted. For more information call 01622 737500

Kent School of Bridge

A small but friendly Bridge Club meeting every Tuesday afternoon in Downswood Community Centre. New members are welcome - even if you’ve never played before and are interested in trying it out for the first time. For further information please call 01622 755852.

The Len Valley Angling and Preservation Society

The Len Valley Angling and Preservation Society maintain the Mallards Pond. 

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