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Freedom of Information Act

Publication scheme under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

The following information and documents are available on request to the Clerk, and if necessary a charge will be made for photocopying, administration and mileage. As this website develops, more information will be made available here.

Making comments to the District Council on all Planning Applications in the Parish:

  • Making comments on the County Council and the District Council on the Structure Plan and the Local Plan
  • Make comments on consultation documents that are relevant

Practice and Procedures:

  • Minutes of Council Meetings and the Annual Meeting
  • Standing Orders
  • Agenda for the forthcoming Meeting

Code of Conduct:

  • Members Declaration of Acceptance at Office
  • Members Register of Interests held at Maidstone
  • District Council Planning documents
  • Plans relating to current Planning Applications
  • Comments on Planning Applications

Audit and Accounts:

  • Annual return form for the last financial year
  • Report by the Internal Auditor for the last financial year
  • Receipts, payments and bank statements for the last financial year
  • Financial Regulations
  • Asset Register

Downswood Parish Council has a formal Complaints Procedure - for full details of this please contact the Clerk.

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