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Rooftop Solar Revolution

1st June 2023



Have you heard about our campaign for a rooftop solar revolution?

Last week we published new research showing that 60% of the solar panels our country needs can be sited on rooftops. [1]

But if we don’t make use of our rooftops, solar panels could swallow up 180,000 hectares of our countryside – an area larger than the size of Greater London!

In just one week, nearly 10,000 people have stepped up and signed our petition calling on the government to commit to a new and ambitious target for generating electricity from rooftop solar.

And with just a few clicks, you can too.

Sign the petition

Here’s what just some of our supporters have had to say so far:

'I am delighted that CPRE is encouraging solar generation across the UK on commercial and industrial buildings.'

'I cannot tell you how glad I am to read about your solar panel campaign.'

'Hello and thank you CPRE. This is a campaign I have been waiting for for years!'

'I couldn’t agree with you more about your solar power campaign.'

We need to keep up the momentum to ensure the people in power hear us loud and clear.

It’s not too late to add your name - will you sign the petition?

Yes, I'll sign

We know that when we speak with one voice politicians will take action. Last year, our people-powered campaigns stopped the return of fracking and persuaded the government to restore our iconic hedgerows.

Now we urgently need your support to get the government to prioritise rooftop solar, so we can leave more land to tackle the decline of nature and the need for more home-grown food.

A government target for rooftop solar is a common sense policy that is good for people and the planet. With your support, we can show politicians that the public wants them to act now.

Add your name

Thanks and all the best,


Chris Hinchliff
Campaigns Manager | CPRE The countryside charity

[1] Shout from the rooftops: delivering a common sense solar revolution - CPRE

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