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Litter Bins - Mallards Way Park

23rd August 2023

New Litter Bins – Mallards Park.

Following concerns that were expressed regarding the new litter bins at Mallards Park.                                                A meeting was held with Maidstone Borough Council last Friday (18/08/23) to discuss:

  • why no consultation took place (prior to the relocation/installation of the new bins)
  • if the new locations could be changed to make them more accessible from inside the park and play area
  • if the bin which is close to the play area could be moved, so as not to restrict access to the pathway.

We were advised that it had been necessary to move the bins quickly due to health and safety reasons (a member of MBC staff had been injured and will suffer long-term problems caused by the injury). Understandably, it was made clear by MBC that health and safety must be a priority.

DPC can confirm that the following modifications will take place:

  1. Mallards Way entrance – remove fence panel and set double bin back for easier waste depositing
  2. Spot Lane entrance – move bin inside park fence boundary
  3. Place new bin at bottom of Gascoyne Close to service north east park path

The plans for the above have already been drawn up by MBC and sent for action.

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