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Telecoms Apparatus Proposal

17th March 2023

A pre- application consultation has been received by the Parish Council today for telecommunications apparatus. 

The proposal is for a 15m tower and three cabinets to be sited on Deringwood Drive, adjacent to The Spires shops.

A formal planning application will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority (MBC) and there will be an opportunity for you to have your say about this proposal.  In the meantime, you can see details of the proposal below:

MA122467 Pre Application Letter

MA122467 Drawings


If you would like to comment on the pre-application – we are advised that all comments will be passed to the LPA for their review during the assessment and determination of the formal application - then please contact:

Email – planning@blueclarity.co.uk

Or write to: WHP Telecoms Ltd C/O Blue Clarity Design Services Building 8, Unit 6 Carryduff Business Park, Comber, BT8 8AN

Alternatively, if you would rather wait for the planning application to be issued, we will issue an update with the details in due course.

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