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Mallards Way Litter Bin Update

15th August 2023

DPC has contacted MBC to enquire about the new litter bins at Mallards Park (no consultation took place prior to the bins being installed).

DPC pointed out that the new locations are not considered suitable and that operatives will most likely have to spend time picking up and clearing away the rubbish that will be dropped in the park.

Having asked if the news bins could be relocated to the same location as the old bins, this is the response:

‘Over the past 12 months I have identified a number of working practises that needed to change and one of these required changes was the placement of litter bins within some of our parks.

The aim wasn’t to reduce the volume of litter bin but to relocate them or replace with large bins.

This is due to following operational reasons:

  • Litter bins needs to be in easily accessible locations that staff can empty without the risk of harm to the staff. This wasn’t case previously and staff did damage themselves emptying these bins.
  • At times of wet weather, we don’t want to drive across grass to service litter bins.
  • By locating litter bins to each of the exits/entrances of the park every user of the park will walk past a litter bin.

The use of litter bins with recycling stamped on the side was an unsuccessful trail and due to the high level of contamination on the waste was never fit of recycling.

Legally we need to ensure that 1.2 meters of highway is available to the public when installing street furniture. On my inspection this distance (and greater as been provided).

I am afraid to say that the location of the litter bin isn’t the problem but a small amount of people who decides to litter.

I aware this wasn’t the answers you were hoping for but I need to standardised our working practises and ensure staff safety is maintained.’

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